Undercurrent Reviews


“Both are beautifully detailed, emotionally charged works… Both are serious, polished, and unrelenting.” Donna Banicevich Gera, Theatreview

“Live performance scorches you, especially in the hands of performers as subtle and ferocious as the current Footnote five… Their deep-seated embodiment is as precise and impacting as a pressure point.” Amit Noy, Theatreview

“In their very different ways both works suggest that now is a time to take stock and rethink our direction if we are to avoid cataclysm. Footnote’s dancers bring their usual energy and commitment to both works in a way that shows their total engagement with these themes.” Dr Ian Lochhead, Theatreview

“Undercurrent is a wonderful pairing of two stylistically different dance works, and the Footnote dancers show their expertise and versatility as they flow from the first piece into the second.” Nicole Wilkie, Theatreview

“There’s much to watch and be absorbed by as the five dancers come and go in solos, duets and group sequences. Each has their own distinct movement and characteristics which at times are exchanged with another dancer or morph into unison patterns across the stage.” Raewyn Whyte, NZ Herald

“Dry Spell is a vibrant, devil-may-care fantasy. Sensuous and sexy, it plays with the sense of abandonment born out of a desire to live in-the-moment. And there is some fabulous unison dancing.” Jo Thorpe, Theatreview

“Yes it is abstract and is like watching the giant cosmos moving around; each planet, asteroid or piece of junk exuding its own innate nature, or perhaps the haphazard but fascinating “symphonic” behaviour of amoebic life under a microscope, or looking at society from above as crowds, birds, jetsam and flotsam randomly interact in a time-lapse film.” Tania Kopytko, Theatreview