The Status of Being – Trailer

The Status of Being – Trailer

THE STATUS OF BEING – Touring the North Island October 16-25 2014

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Choreographer: Alexa Wilson
Concepts, structuring and narrative by Alexa Wilson, movement and text developed in collaboration with the dancers. Some material developed with 2nd and 3rd year students on residency at New Zealand School of Dance

Dancers: Manu Reynaud, Emma Dellabarca, Lana Phillips, Alexandra Ford, Kosta Bogoievski

Video Design/Editing: Alexa Wilson
Videos of logos with E viagra ou.T trailer for sound; computer games excerpts; John Banks speech; surfing seal video and ocean sounds all sourced from YouTube

Costume and Set Design: Alexa Wilson

Lighting Design and Operation: Amber Molloy

Lighting Consultant: Sean Curham

Music – NZ: Samin Son, Skeptics, Lttle Phnx, Ladi 6

Music – Overseas: Rihanna, Rage Against the Machine, Flume and Chet Faker, Lana Del Ray, Christel Hughes self love meditation


The Status of Being offers three possibilities as an overview of our world, empowering the audience to choose between them.

The work creates three possibilities for our world in a dance piece presented in three shorter versions. In an effort to question our overall evolution, the pieces are each created to represent the state of our world based upon important events in history, the world today and possibilities for the future.

The audience is directed to choose from the three performances which they think is past, present or future, as well as their favourite section. In a provocative, satirical and layered approach to the fluctuation of our species, The Status of Being aims to find freedom and compassion in the questioning of power and the value of understanding.

Through confrontation and humour, attention is focussed on the power of choice within ourselves over to how we respond to the world, an awakening of decision-making inherent within our own views, and empowering a sense of responsibility for ourselves and our planet. Ultimately, The Status of Being questions an engineered sense of control. After all, how much choice do we really have in our choices?