The Rebel Pink Reviews

“Softer fluid body forms mimicking, and moulding into and away from each other alongside a more traditional romantic choice of music. So beautiful are the tiny, myriad changes of movement and expression within the piece I want to ‘push the slow button’ to admire each pose individually.”

The Rebel Pink Nelson – Review by Janet Whittington

“The opening images endure most strongly in my mind’s eye. Three figures lying face down, we see their pelvises lurching upwards in a bony battle with gravity. Then the legs take over the initiation, surprisingly into a singular form that reminded me of a sea anenome, heads grounded, legs floating upwards.”

The Rebel Pink Christchurch – Review by Julia Harvie

“A crazy dialogue punctuates movement. But it is the interchange of the movement and the music, with clever rhythmic and visual coincidences and juxtapositions that is so exciting and pleasing as the music surges on.”

The Rebel Pink Palmerston North – Review by Tania Kopytko

“I feel the nuances and issues of co-dependency, individual behaviours vs togetherness, and the way we navigate each other within our own stuck rituals or ways of being. There are several incredibly touching sequences, and the two perforners move with a beautiful flowing ease through the work.”

The Rebel Pink New Plymouth – Review by Holly Shanahan

“Nonsensical explanations, disjointed emotions, and glitching in colour. Rinse and repeat. The dancers take us (the audience) head on – their piercing and over-emotive gazes determinedly seeking out eye contact.”

The Rebel Pink Auckland – Review by Chloe Klein

“The Rebel Pink is wonderfully energising. Great dancing by all five Footnote dancers adds lustre to a triple bill of fresh new dance works.”

The Rebel Pink Auckland – Review by Raewyn Whyte