The Clearing Reviews

“Footnote has succeeded in every sense of the word and can place this work on the world stage. Like Betroffenheit (Crystal Pite), McCormack is willing to tread new territory. Every dancer is beautifully controlled, totally committed, and clearly connected to the piece and to each other.” Kerri Fitzgerald, DANZ

“McCormack has created an absorbing piece of dance theatre from which every viewer will potentially derive their own meaning.” Dr Ian Lochhead, Theatreview

“The incredibly slick, sharp, frantic choreography done individually, in pairs and in larger groups is mesmerising and the interaction of the characters with their props, fabric, the coat, the tripods, speakers and the microphone is a credit to the absolute precision of the choreography.” Melanie Stewart, Theatreview

“From the moment you pick up the programme, which is a work of art in itself, with concept drawings and a poster, you know you are in for a treat. It is gripping, stylish, and convincing on every level.” Donna Banicevich-Gera, Theatreview

The Clearing is utterly virtuosic in terms of performance, choreography, production elements and the integration of all of these elements creates a kinetic work of art that is equal parts choreography, visual and audio art.” Lyne Pringle, Dominion Post

“The Clearing is a brilliant piece of movement theatre. Thought provoking and intriguing, it fully invites you to take part in its unfolding journey, drawing you in creatively and intelligently and allowing the audience to bring their own life experiences and thoughts to the work.” Tania Kopytko, Theatreview

“The cast of The Clearing are a well attuned team. Georgia Beechey-Gradwell, Tyler Carney, Joshua Faleatua, Anu Khapung, and Adam Naughton each carry their own subtle characters with interests and habits, but these also blur with these shifts in space and energy, they easily fuse together to work as one, melting away again in a moment. The work has standout images that are both haunting and gripping, brought to life through the dynamic execution of the cast.” Chloe Klein, Theatreview

The Clearing is many things. It’s beguiling, it’s at times frightening, it’s complex, it’s strange, and it even has moments of being uncomfortable. Most of all it is a gripping and unique piece of art that deserves to be seen.” Taryn Utiger, Theatreview