Search Engine Reviews

The dancers are magnetic. Georgia Beechey-Gradwell, Tyler Carney, Joshua Faleatua, Adam Naughton and Anu Khapung are genuinely mesmerising. Alana Dixon-Calder, Theatreview

Both Beechey- Gradwell and Naughton are lovely to watch, their timing almost perfectly impeccable and their impassive faces focus the audience’s eye onto the crispness of their bodies. Hannah Molloy, Theatreview

The three works in Search Engine combine to provide a sophisticated, complicated and thought provoking programme of contemporary dance. Tania Kopytko, DANZ

Search Engine shows the confidence of dancers who have been working together for a while. Each with their own characters, they all also work together as a finely tuned articulate ensemble. Tania Kopytko, Theatreview

Footnote New Zealand Dance is in their 2nd consecutive year with the current five dancers, and their obvious cohesiveness is spellbinding. Kim Buckley, Theatreview

Footnote’s commitment to – and enthusiasm for – sharing its artistic vision throughout Aotearoa, is one of its defining features. Jo Thorpe, Theatreview

Georgia and Adam skillfully maintain an intensity of focus on each other, portraying the changing dynamics of their relationship through dance, sometimes physical and sometimes ephemeral. Dr Debbie Bright, Theatreview