Movement Biography: Tyler Carney

For the second video in our Footnote Movement Biography series (see Georgia’s here), we’re featuring NZSD-trained Tyler Carney. Tyler is a total animal lover/cat-lady and is our resident style guru. Read our quick-fire interview with Tyler and watch her video below to learn more about this fluid, articulate dancer.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like going for adventurous walks, New Zealand’s amazing landscape is perfect for that. I love journaling as well, I like to keep working on a life journal along the way so I won’t forget my precious memories later on

If you could have a super-power what would it be?
I’ve thought about this so many times – it would definitely be teleportation.

What songs do you currently have on repeat?
The new Angus and Julia Stone album, Snow.

If you weren’t a dancer what do you think you’d be doing?
Hmmm maybe I’d be a Psychologist. I find human behavior very interesting.

What is your favourite place outside of NZ?
Sydney (my family home) I love the beach, sun, family and my cat!

What’s your first ever dance memory?
I remember making up dances in my bedroom to Kylie Minogue then only inviting my mum to watch and I’d get really annoyed if I saw my dad trying to watch because I’d have to start the ‘performance’ all over again.