Footnote presents Mass Solitude


Footnote presents… a performance offering, to connect us during this lockdown. Join us in watching some epic movement in this time of stillness, with this FREE broadcast on Facebook Premiere of a 2019 recording of the aptly titled Mass Solitude (群孤), choreographed by Sarah Foster-Sproull.

Mass Solitude (running time 30 minutes) will be screened at 7pm on Wednesday 15th April. The video link will be published here and on our Facebook page at the time of the broadcast (note: this performance is free and you do not need to register to watch).

A collaboration between Footnote New Zealand Dance and Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Mass Solitude was created in Guangzhou in 2018. The work premiered as part of our Hemispheres season touring in China in 2018 and then New Zealand in February 2019. Both tours received fantastic reviews from audiences and media.

Mass Solitude (群孤) is a movement meditation on connection and isolation. In sharing this work now, choreographer Sarah Foster-Sproull notes that “While reflecting on our current social distancing and lockdown measures in relation to this work, the concepts of group interaction are still relevant here, and can be considered in lots of different ways. This work was developed in China, in 2018, and was built from observations about being surrounded by community while also in isolation as an individual”.

This performance, recorded at the Bruce Mason Centre in Auckland in February 2019, will be screened at 7pm on Wednesday the 15th April. We will also be joined online from across the world by the dancers in Aotearoa and China who were involved in creating this work, as well as choreographer Sarah Foster-Sproull and the rest of the Footnote team, and welcome any questions during the performance!

Choreographic Direction 编舞
Sarah Foster-Sproull 莎拉·福斯特-斯普劳尔

Music Composition 作曲
Eden Mulholland 伊顿·马尔霍兰

Lighting 灯光
Low Shee Hoe 刘诗豪

Creative Assistant 创作助理
Anita Hunziker 安妮塔·亨吉克

Movement composition and performance 创作舞者
Adam Naughton 亚当·诺顿
Anu Khapung 安努·夸庞
Belinda ZHANG 张楚晨
CHEN Baiyu 陈白宇
LI Jiahao 李嘉豪
Emma Cosgrave 艾玛·科斯格雷夫
FU Binjing 符彬靖
Georgia Beechey 佐治娅·碧齐-格兰威尔
Joshua Faleatua 约书亚·法利图阿
Christy MA 马汶萱
SU Zihao 苏梓豪
Taniora Motutere 塔尼奥拉·莫图特雷
Tyler Carney 泰勒·卡妮
ZHANG Yan 张妍

Footnote New Zealand Dance

General Manager: Richard Aindow
Artistic Liaison: Anita Hunziker
Communications and Administration Manager: Kerrin Burns

Guangdong Modern Dance Company

Company Director: 刘琦 LIU Qi
Program Manager: XIE Ziyi