Footnote 2018 Intensive

Attention all dancers and makers! The time has come for us to announce our 2018 Intensive and invite you to join us for a week of exploration and sharing. From Tuesday 16th October to Saturday 20th October, Ross McCormack will lead Intensive participants through daily workshops exploring an interest in Velocity as a mechanism for performance. In preparation for the afternoon workshops, Claire O’Neil will teach morning class and guide participants through movement training and creative practice. Both members of Footnote’s Artistic Advisory Panel, Ross and Claire have a wealth of experience between them, and this intensive is designed to create a welcoming environment for you to challenge your practice and learn from these two knowledgeable artists.

There are only ten spots available for this Intensive, so registration will be by application. To apply, please complete the online application form below by 5pm on Friday 14th September.

Click here for online application.

Tuesday 16th – Saturday 20th October
9am – 10.30am: Morning class with Claire O’Neil
10.45am – 12.45pm: Workshop 1 with Ross McCormack
1.30pm – 3.30pm: Workshop 2 with Ross McCormack

Cost: $195

Velocity: A consideration of speed
with Ross McCormack

Inside this week intensive I aim to set up and share ways of approaching Velocity as a mechanism for performance. A collective aim of the week will be will be tackling Velocity as an Atmosphere. Working together to layer it over everything we do, this is a new development to my choreographic process and something I look forward to exploring further. I am hoping we can shift speed from its obvious links to dynamic and place it more as a question in the space, engaging it as a transmittable energy that could affect our every thought, step, reaction and voice.

Coupling States with the notion of Speed, (State being the quality and Speed being the dynamic) has evolved through my own personal history as a dancer working with the different methodologies attached to companies such Australian Dance Theatre and Les Ballets C de la B.

Photo: Pippa Samaya


Morning Class
Dance Training & Creative Practice: Moving Consciously, Thinking Diversely, Performing Intentionally
with Claire O’Neil

Dance Training: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Including M&B, floor work, stamina and strength building, short dance phrasing, rhythm,
duo-play (practical body testing with another body), bodywork and yoga.

Creative Practice: Wednesday and Friday
Exploring multi-layer dance skills and creating useful experiences as a means to physically immerse
and develop techniques (body speeds, textures, qualities, agilities, physical tasking, improvisation
tools, duration exercises, group immersion, imagination & embodiment, performing approaches).