What do we belong to? What does this belonging mean?

“COLT could be a gun. It could be a horse. It could be a toy gun pointed at a horse. Held by a dancer in a neutral coloured costume. The dancer might be under the influence of instructions. They may be being used in a representational manner. Something akin to a human metaphor or the expression of someone else’s feeling. This dancer person can jump like a maniac, in order to indicate dancerly-ness. Watch them wash their brain of all the good and all the bad. Watch, from the safety of your seat. Watch them answer all the important questions”.

COLT premiered in Wellington in 2013 for the Footnote Made in New Zealand season, and toured to Hamilton, Auckland and New Plymouth. 2014 will see it touring to Dunedin, Nelson and Taupo. More details and booking

Choreography: Sarah Foster-Sproull
Music: Eden Mulholland
Lighting Design: Jennifer Lal
Dramaturgy: Andrew Foster